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AP Chemistry practice exam simulator is a free ap Chemistry exam prep app for Advanced Placement Chemistry examination. It is a complete AP Chemistry study guide to prepare you for actual ap Chemistry exam by taking AP Chemistry practice exam , studying ap Chemistry flashcards and mock test. This application is designed to take AP Chemistry practice exam on the go without internet on your mobile device. This AP Chemistry practice exam prep app record you performance and highlight the weaker area to let you focus on them while studying for ap Chemistry exam. All questions are formulated by experts closer to the actual ap Chemistry exam.

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1. Elements
2. Atoms, Ions & Molecules
3. Changes in Matter
4. Chemical Reactions
5. Thermodynamics
6. Bonds

AP Chemistry exam prep app will help you acquire information that will help you pass ap Chemistry test with ease.

Key features:
• Two Study Modes: Flashcard and Practice Test
• Detailed Explanation for each question
• Feedback: Communicate with the AP Chemistry experts

The AP Chemistry exam is based on topics and knowledge and skills given in AP Chemistry course books. The section 1 of the test have 60 multiple choice questions and a time of 90 minutes. The section 1 has 50% weightage in total score of the exam. The section 2 has 7 free response questions and have the time frame of 105 minutes with 50% weightage in total exam score. 4 questions are short-answer questions and 3 are long answer questions.

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